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    On behalf of our Board of Trustees, Administration, Staff, and students, I welcome you to Freer ISD.  I believe the success of our school district is directly related to the quality of our teachers, students, and the support we receive from the Freer community.
   As we approach the 40th anniversary of Freer ISD, current Buckaroo staff is very anxious to continue the Freer tradition – rich with academic success and athletic Championships.  The Freer Buckaroo record of success in both co and extracurricular competition is second to none.  Freer ISD actively promotes high standards, fairness, and personal growth and development.
   Part of ensuring a successful school district is the support it receives from the parents and community.  We thank you for your contributions in helping our students become the leaders of tomorrow.

 With care,

  • Board of Trustee Core Values



    Leadership—Persuade others to work towards the vision with courage

    Ethical—honest and fair dealings with all people



    Mission Statement

    Educating students to become successful life-long learners.



    Vision Statement

    Creating a safe environment for success and excellence..