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A Message from our Superintendent

On behalf of our Board of Trustees, Administration, Staff, and students, I welcome you to Freer ISD.  I believe the success of our school district is directly related to the quality of our teachers, students, and the support we receive from the Freer community.

As we approach the 40th anniversary of Freer ISD, current Buckaroo staff are very anxious to continue the Freer tradition – rich with academic success and athletic Championships.  The Freer Buckaroo record of success in both co and extracurricular competition is second to none.  Freer ISD actively promotes high standards, fairness, and personal growth and development.

Part of ensuring a successful school district is the support it receives from the parents and community.  We thank you for your contributions in helping our students become the leaders of tomorrow.

With care,


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The Journey to Mars: 2015 and Beyond Strategic Plan

100% of Seniors Accepted into Post Secondary School or Armed Forces

Destination Imagination will be implemented

100% of Grade 3 students will be identified as "reading to learn".

Texas Success Initiative Focus and Mastery

60% of Freer High School will be enrolled in concurrent enrollment for the16-17 academic year

By August, 2018, full implementation of the Discovery Career Readiness Technology Center.

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program will begin at FJH

25% of students in Grades 4-6 will be participating in the Duke TIPS

SAT scores for Freer High School students will increase every year.

By May, 2017, all components of the 2015 Capital Improvement Project will be completed.

100% of students will take PSAT by 8th Grade

100% of Grade 1 students will be identified as "readers"

100% of students, by May of Grade 5 will visit: a museum, planetarium, art gallery, ballet, and symphony.

Freer ISD will be recognized by the Texas Education Agency as an Early College District by August, 2017.

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(361) 394 - 6025

(361) 394 - 5005

905 S. Norton Ave
PO Box 240
Freer, TX 78357-0240

Join the Freer High School Graduating Class of 2016, faculty and administration for their 2016 College/Military/Trade School signing day.  By April 6, 100% of the Freer High School Senior Class will be accepted into a college or university, trade school or will be joining the military.  Save the date to observe this historic opportunity for the Class of 2016. 


Guest Speaker
Minita Ramirez, Ph.D.

Vice President 
Division of Student Services 
Texas A&M International University

Have a Concern? Need to Report a Case of Bullying? Call our Tip Line: (361) 247-2138

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