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Chief Academic Officer 

Dr. Frances A. M. Perez

Academic Office 

The Freer Independent School District offers its students a quality educational environment with the highest levels of academic success. With solid test scores and immense pride in the character of its students, Freer ISD is raising the standard of public education. A well-planned instructional program gives students from all cultural, economic and educational backgrounds opportunities to achieve their full potential.

FISD students consistently bring distinction to the District through their accomplishments in academics, career and technology, gifted and talented programs, performing arts, agricultural science, and athletics.

Overview of the Curriculum and Instruction Program

The Curriculum (TEKS):  
what is taught and learned (the State of Texas)

Instructional Maps (YAGs):  
a pacing schedule for when curriculum is taught (the school district)

Teacher Lesson Plans:  
how a teacher teaches the curriculum in the given time frame(s) (the teacher)

Instructional Materials:  
the resources used by the teacher to teach the content (the school district and the teacher)

Curriculum Based Assessments (CBAs):
assessments given to measure student learning/progress (the school district)

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