Buckaroo Athletics

Athletics is an integral part of our education system as a component of the enrichment curriculum.  It holds value as an avenue for many of our students to engage in wholesome, exciting and valuable activities.  It requires that our young men and women experience self-control, give forth tremendous effort, commitment, and show respect for themselves and others by adhering to the rules of each sport.  It is an education that transfers those attributes into a regular classroom setting and into a workplace. Athletics is an arena, which in many ways can be paralleled to life.  As in life, athletes will be faced with adversity and opportunity to match skills, strength, wit, knowledge, poise, and determination against another.  The athlete learns to problem-solve, cooperate, trust, and persevere in both victory and loss. There is no better place to get fellowship than in competition—to share in a common experience, sacrifice, and determination to accomplish victory.  There is no better place to develop Buckaroo Pride. The success of an athletic program will result from a consistent adherence to this philosophy by everyone involved.  Athletics is more than the X’s and O’s, wins and losses; it must be a passion for excellence in all areas of life.