Online Forms

Purchase Requisition
The Purchase Requisition form is used to initiate the purchase process by the purchaser. In essence this form is a request for approval prior to the purchasing of goods or services. All purchase requisitions must be signed by the purchaser, supervisor and submitted to the finance department prior to a PO being generated.   


Facility Use Form
A facility use form must be submitted and approved prior to the use of any district facility use outside of normal day to day operations. 


Statement Form
This is the form to be used by Freer ISD for the collection of statements during the investigation or reporting of a incident. 



1) Any employee who suspects child abuse / neglect or to whom an outcry is made must complete this
form, Alleged Child Abuse or Neglect Reporting Form.

2) Employee must contact CPS Hotline (1-800-252-5400) as soon as possible but within 48 hours and
document case number. If report is made online (, employee downloads
confirmation page.

3) Employee records case number/report number on Alleged Child Abuse or Neglect Reporting Form and
immediately provides copy of form to Principal/Supervisor. (If report is made online, attach copy of
CPS confirmation page to Alleged Child Abuse or Neglect Reporting Form.)